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                                  WHAT WE CAN DO FOR YOU

  • Invasive stucco inspection
  • General home inspection
  • Mold Inspection, testing and document for remediation
  • Expert witness for construction defects or mold

10 reasons why are WE are #1 HOME INSPECTORS in Houston

  • Experienced -  Fernando Martinez, licensed TREC Professional Inspector, Certified ICC Code, Licensed Mold Assessment
  • State-of-the-Art equipment * re-calibrated professionally regularly.  Infra-red certified and used on every job (included in price)
  • Stucco inspection team with on-site determination of repairs needed which will be reflected it the report.  Turn-key oversight for stucco replacement/repair is available.
  • Quick turnaround time on structural, mechanical or stucco  reports, early as same day or by noon next morning.  Mold results within 48 hours, except Friday - will receive Monday
   And there's more.. 
  1. We appreciate client attendance and participation, unlike many inspectors we love to teach and answer questions we LOVE first time homebuyers!  
  2. In-depth inspection of structural systems including the foundation and roof, if walkable, electrical panel and mechanical/appliances.  We recommend other professionals only as needed.
  3. We can offer on-the-spot indoor air quality testing for mold if the need exists.  During our inspection, we always look for mold or mold-producing problems and will present you with the facts so you can decide whether to test.
  4. Fernando is ICC Code certified for bran- new homes or warranty walk-through inspections.
  5. Fernando is an experienced expert witness, if needed, with references
  6. We are fully insured, including workman's comp, E&O and liability
 * We use our infra-camera on every inspection!  And not just any old infra-red camera, our B200 is so sensitive that it can detect even the smallest amount of moisture inside walls.  Our camera produces a duplicate of the infra-red, useful for court, if needed .  As you can see thre were no outward signs of water on the ceiling below the bathrub drain but the infra-red "saw" it!!!
The difference between our camera and other inspector's cameras is that ours cost $10,000!    Exquisite sensitivy and duplicate digital/infra-red images show where the problems are located.  Most inspectors have a $1,000 camera that just doesn't do the same job.  We take pride in our tools - out investment help do a better inspection for YOU.
Unfortuntely, as opposed to what some inspectors and homebuyers believe, stucco cannot be tested with an infra-red - there is NO substitution for an invasive inspection.

what we can do for you - 

Home Inspections and re-inspections

Depending on the age, size and location of a home we can give you the best home inspection or stucco inspectdion that  money can buy. Call Fernando at 713-249-8581. With us you receive a high quality inspection with a great deal of background knowledge that you just can't get with "newbie" inspectors.

Invasive Stucco Inspections (see stucco page for YOUTUBE VIDEOS for procedures and repairs performed)

Indoor Air Quality Testing and Assessment 

Smell mold?  See visible mold growth?  Have allergy issues?  We can test your indoor air and any other location that may have water penetration problems (mold must have chronic past or present water to exist). But we do more than just test.  Part of our job is the "Assessment" - a basic inspection in which we are searching every possible avenue of chronic or hidden water peneteration/leaks, which is essential for mold growth. Then we send the tests off to our laboratory for professional results - included in the price.

What to do if the tests show elevated mold -

We are licensed to write a document for the removal of mold - called a "Protocol for Remediation", which a licensed mold remediator will need to properly remove the mold from your home.  This is an extra cost and will normally require final testing - "clearance testing" - that comes with a certificate showing that the source and the mold have been removed - essential for the resale of your home, and for your security.

What we doWe use a team approach to every inspection, with each member specializing in certain aspects, such as leak detection or structural deficiencies. We go over and above the minimum standards as set forth by the Texas Real Estate Commission.

Our lead inspector ICC certified code expert, Fernando, is ready to consult on code issues.  

All three inspectors are licensed Mold Consultants with the Department of State Health. 

What we don't do: 

  • termites 
  • pools
  • Second and third story roofs may not be accessible, and if so, we will do our utmost to view it from all angles using binoculars.
  • We do not perform Spanish tile roof, however, we do carefully inspect the support structure.
  • We don't perform mold remediation work
  • We don't repair stucco (however, we do have a Turn-key inspecton service that oversees repairs)

How to pay us:  we accept checks, cash or credit cards (use Paypal to process any credit card without being a member of Paypal by using the "Buy Now" button on the right.

CONTACT US:  713-249-8581 (Fernando's cell)  He will return your call if on a job, please leave a specific message.  Texting is better than emailing.
For inspections of all types, call or text: 713-249-8581 (Fernando)  Elissa (713-248-6284) for on-going stucco inspections repair oversight,Wendy (713-249-4267) for questions on reports
Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.  If emailing us please give us the address or a link to the listing so we can Google it for exact specs and directions.  If new property, please include the most recent map or address of an existing building for coordinates.


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and check us out on the Houston BBB where we are rated A+

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wendy and fernando

Fernando Martinez~President of PHI
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Agente Bilingue',  Fernando is fully bilingual in both English and Spanish

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We are fully insured, bonded and have workman's comp and can prove it!  Just ask.

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